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International Skopje Art Colony 2009 started
The international painting event “Skopje Art Colony ”will be held from 27th of June until 6th of July 2009 in hotel ARKA,Skopje. This cultural event  for the fourth time will be organized by the City of Skopje, with a technical coordination by the Museum of the City of Skopje and with partnership with hotel ARKA as a main sponsor of the event. 
The international art colony “Skopje 2009” is a great opportunity for establishing cooperation and exchange of artists from Skopje and Macedonia with artists from other countries. Traditionally Skopje twin cities are taking part on this colony. The number of the participating artists is ten: five from Macedonia and five artists from other countries.  
This year participating artists are: Maja Dzartovska - Hill, Tome Mišev, Veljo Tašovski, Burhan Ahmeti and Žaklina Gligorievska – Kočoska from Macedonia and Fabien Lédé from Dijon, France, Anka Krašna from Maribor, Slovenia, Ahmed Özel from Istanbul, Turkey, Aldemar Ibrahimović from Montenegro and Slavica Marin from Croatia.
After finishing of the Skopje colony, a catalog with the art works will be prepared and an art exhibition which will be organized for the Skopje City holiday “13th of November”.

Created by admindj on 6/30/2009
European Agencies Network for citizenship, inclusion involvement and empowerment of communities On 6,7 and 8 June a two and a half day workshop is taking place in Skopje at the Faculty of Architecture, UKIM and hosted by the City of Skopje. The proposed topic of the workshop is “Testing Grounds – Citizens centred and Data driven urban development”.
Local training was realized within the EPICURO project On April 27, 2018, within EPICURO project, the first of the three days dedicated to the local training was realized, on which each of the sessions was attended by 30-40 participants from more than 15 different organs and sectors at the local and central level. The other two terms in which the training was held were 4 and 11 May 2018.

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