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Yesterday, with the performance of the Opera “The Cloak” from Puccini by the ensemble of the Macedonian opera and ballet, conducted by Sasha Nikolovski-Gjumar, the traditional, cultural manifestation “Skopje Summer 2009” started.  This cultural event, which is organized by the Directorate of culture and arts and under patronage of the City of Skopje and Ministry of culture, this year has its 30th anniversary. Skopje summer 2009 traditionally was opened by the Mayor of the City of Skopje, Mr. Koce Trajanovski.  
In the opening speech, Mr. Trajanovski emphasized that “There is a long list of top foreign and national artists and ensembles that have included part of their artistic work in this festival’s programs. By organizing the numerous visits from all over the world meridians and continents, the Skopje summer Festival has contributed Skopje, Macedonia and the world to exchange the thing which is the most precious to every nation – their spiritual treasure. One of the most characteristic features of this festival is that it managed to take the culture out of the conventional space to unusual places and locations in the city, and thus makes it provocative and available to each and every citizen. In this way, the Skopje Summer has brought nearer to us our city – Skopje and the places and locations in the city, such as the Old Bazaar, the Fortress Kale, the City Park, the river Vardar quay, the squares in the city, the old neighborhoods, the hidden corners from Matka to the Marko’s Monastery, where we always pass through, but we not always notice their beauty and special features.”

The opening of the Skopje summer 2009 was on the first day of the summer and the World Day of Music. The cultural events of the Skopje summer 2009 will take place at about thirty locations and open places in our city.

The manifestation Skopje summer 2009 will be closed on 31st of July 2009. 

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European Agencies Network for citizenship, inclusion involvement and empowerment of communities On 6,7 and 8 June a two and a half day workshop is taking place in Skopje at the Faculty of Architecture, UKIM and hosted by the City of Skopje. The proposed topic of the workshop is “Testing Grounds – Citizens centred and Data driven urban development”.
Local training was realized within the EPICURO project On April 27, 2018, within EPICURO project, the first of the three days dedicated to the local training was realized, on which each of the sessions was attended by 30-40 participants from more than 15 different organs and sectors at the local and central level. The other two terms in which the training was held were 4 and 11 May 2018.

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