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Last week in Turin, the first preparatory meeting took place for the beginning of the activities within the SINERGI Project (Social Integration through Urban Growth Strategies), financed by the “Europe for Citizens” program.  
During the sessions, the partner-cities in the project were presented, the distribution was defined of the responsibilities and the planned events and activities and the benefits were discussed that were to be the result of this project. 
The City of Skopje was presented during the sessions, namely the projects it is focused on at the moment, the city’s strategies in relation to its urban development, as well as the general urban plan of the city of Skopje. During the work sessions a presentation was done on the international activities of the Faculty of Architecture, as well as the examples of good practices within the cooperation this faculty has with the Urban Center Metropolitano and the Politechnico Faculty in Turin, as local partners of the city of Turin. 
As a result of the excellent relations of these faculties came the cooperation of the cities of Skopje and Turin, which in 2012 resulted in the signing of the Cooperation Agreement.
The representatives of the partner-cities discussed the next activity that is to take place as a theme-seminar in Zagreb, in June 2014. At this seminar, national legislatives on urban development are expected to be presented , and the seminar will also be a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in urban development and debate on the way cities provide social inclusion in this area. The participants in the seminar will be representatives from the local authorities of the four cities (Skopje, Turin, Zagreb and Dijon), as well as professors from the faculties of architecture, experts and representatives of the civil sector.

The SINERGI Project was promoted in the media in Turin. The Mayor of Turin, Mr. Piero Fassino , also spoke of its significance of the project of which he is strongly supportive.


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European Agencies Network for citizenship, inclusion involvement and empowerment of communities On 6,7 and 8 June a two and a half day workshop is taking place in Skopje at the Faculty of Architecture, UKIM and hosted by the City of Skopje. The proposed topic of the workshop is “Testing Grounds – Citizens centred and Data driven urban development”.
Local training was realized within the EPICURO project On April 27, 2018, within EPICURO project, the first of the three days dedicated to the local training was realized, on which each of the sessions was attended by 30-40 participants from more than 15 different organs and sectors at the local and central level. The other two terms in which the training was held were 4 and 11 May 2018.

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