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Implementation of activities within the framework of the project "Ele.C.Tra- Electric City Transport", an international project where the City of Skopje is a non-pilot city partner, continues.

Ele.C.Tra’s 1st Technical Meeting took place on 6th and 7th of March in Malta, for all of the partners involved in the project "Ele.C.Tra- electric urban transportation". On the meeting in Malta were presented the ongoing activities and the one that were taken recently, the initial results of the Survey regarding current mobility and networks in cities partners (including the City of Skopje), the exchange of experience and knowledge regarding the introduction and use of electric transport provided in the project plan, next steps and activities to be implemented in the future project realization.

Earlier, in Genoa (Italy), as project coordinator and one of the three Pilot cities of Ele.C.Tra project, was organized the Launching Event which took place on 13th December 2013, at Blioteca Berio. At the event the rest of the Pilot cities partners (Firenze and BCNEcologia) were present, three of the non-Pilot cities partners (RELIANS, City of Skopje and MIEMA) as well as the Technical Coordinator (TBRIDGE) of the project. Various stakeholders of different representative groups such as infrastructure, business, users and institutions were present as well. The event was organized in order to facilitate stakeholders’ communication with the public administration and to create a common network among them. The Ele.C.Tra. project was presented to national stakeholders involving them in the National Support Group (NSG) so as to promote sustainable mobility. Through the involvement of stakeholders it is allowed to optimize the solutions effectiveness and users satisfaction from Ele.C.Tra services.

The Ele.C.Tra project, with the help of pilot activities and preparation of model for promoting electric transport (e-scooters sharing in 3 major cities in Europe - Genoa, Florence and Barcelona) and portability of the model in other 7 cities (including the City of Skopje), allows to raise awareness among citizens and tourists in order to change habits, reduce air pollution and travel time, sustainable mobility, and the ability to develop other innovative means of transport (eg. electric car and bus).


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European Agencies Network for citizenship, inclusion involvement and empowerment of communities On 6,7 and 8 June a two and a half day workshop is taking place in Skopje at the Faculty of Architecture, UKIM and hosted by the City of Skopje. The proposed topic of the workshop is “Testing Grounds – Citizens centred and Data driven urban development”.
Local training was realized within the EPICURO project On April 27, 2018, within EPICURO project, the first of the three days dedicated to the local training was realized, on which each of the sessions was attended by 30-40 participants from more than 15 different organs and sectors at the local and central level. The other two terms in which the training was held were 4 and 11 May 2018.

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