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Werner Trini
During the fruitful cooperation between the City of Skopje and the City of Nuremberg, which has been going on for 25 years now, wide cultural exchange has taken place and numerous projects have been realized in different areas. In this long-term cooperation, Mr. Verner Trini, as the cooperation coordinator from the sister city of Nuremberg, has exceptional merits for the projects realized with the City of Skopje. For his professional engagement and special merits during the cooperation between Nuremberg and Skopje, Mr. Trini was the recipient of the “13 Noemvri“ Award by the City of Skopje. Moreover, Mr. Trini has realized numerous humanitarian activities, which included donating humanitarian aid for various institutions and facilities in the City of Skopje, such as:
  • installing equipment in the children’s playground in the Novo Lisiche suburb;
  • donating 100 beds, device for monitoring pregnancy, surgical medical materials and medicines for the Gynaecology Clinic “Chair”;
  • donating 60 beds for the Gynaecology Clinic within the Clinical Centre – Skopje;
  • donating 150 beds, equipment and medicines for the City General Hospital – Skopje;
  • donating 40 dialysis machines, 300 beds, medicines, equipment, wheelchairs and movement aids for the Military Hospital – Skopje;
  • donating 2 dialysis machines for Zhelezara
  • providing financial aid for the Blind Persons Centre in the amount of 2,000 euros;
  • donating equipment for the patients, renovating the facility and 30 beds for the “Bardovci” Psychiatric Hospital;
  • donating packages of food from the Nuremberg citizens within the Christmas campaign;
  • providing aid by Nuremberg for purchasing waste containers;
  • donating doctor’s bags and two packages of equipment for reanimation to the Ambulance Service;
  • donating a vehicle to the Skopje Red Cross;
  • donating a vehicle – transporter to the City of Skopje Museum;
  • donating operating table and other testing equipment to the Ophthalmology Clinic within the Clinical Centre – Skopje;
  • donating toys and funds in the amount of 10,000 euros to the Orphanage “11 Оktomvri”;
  • financial aid for renovating the City Villa in the amount of 6,100 euros;
  • Guinea pig for the Zoo;
  • present – textile workshop by Prof. Herpich, in cooperation with the City of Nuremberg to the Non-Government Association “ICON” in Skopje;
  • donating baby food from the company “HIPP” from Nuremberg;
  • donating 25,000 seats for the football stadium and other sports halls in Skopje;
  • donating two fire-fighting vehicles, etc.
Werner Trini was born on 01.08.1957 in Nuremberg, Federal Republic of Germany. Immediately after completing his education, in September 1975, he was employed in the City of Nuremberg. During his long-lasting and fruitful carrier in the City if Nuremberg administration, Mr. Trini first worked in the Social Service, then in the Housing and City Reconstruction Service, the Press and Information Service and the City of Nuremberg Mayor Service. Currently he works in the International Cooperation Service. Mr. Trini is married and has a son named Marcus.

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