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Sharik Tara

On the initiative of Mr. Trifun Kostovski, the Mayor, the Council of the City of Skopje at its 8th meeting held on 30th November 2005, declared Mr. Sharik Tara an Honourable Citizen of the city of Skopje.On that occasion, at the fourteenth meeting of the City of Skopje’s Council, held on 24th March 2006, Mr. Sharik Tara was presented with the Hounourable Citizen of the city of Skopje Award.

Sharik Tara was born on 12th of April 1930 in Skopje, as a descendant of Pasha Jidzit Beg, his son Gazi Ishak Beg and his grandson Gazi Isa Beg. They all appeared to be very influential when it comes to the development of Skopje in those days.
Two of the mosques built by Gazi Isak Beg still exist in Skopje, whereas the mosques built by Pasha Jidzit Beg as well as the high school for dervishes, the Turkish baths and the aquaduct built by the two previously mentioned descendants are something that people remember.
Their influence continued to be present also in the later history of the City’s development. In 1689 they founded the cannon factory, which was managed solely by the family members, and it was then when this family got its nickname Kumbaraci-zade.
Sharik Tara’s mother came exactly from this Kumbaraci-zade family. At that time, she was one of the first modern and highly educated Turkish women in Skopje and in Macedonia. His father, who was from Bosnia, finished high school in Skopje and graduated at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, after which was employed as a General Manager of the Islamic investments made in Macedonia and Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia, and stayed at that position for many years.
Sharik Tara left for Istanbul at the age of twelve i.e during the period of Bulgarian occupation. After finishing elementary education in Skopje, he went to Istanbul where he continued his education and graduated at the technical university. After gaining a Masters Degree in the field of civil engineering, he worked for several civil construction companies, and in 1957 he finally opened a company of his own, called ENKA holding, which is one of the most prestigious companies in its field of business and and also one of the most prestigious one among the industrial groups in Turkey.
Having the wish to help the others and also being able to do so, Sharik Tara founded ENKA Sport and ENKA School. It is through these two organizations that 700 sportsmen get licensed and 2100 students get their scholarship.

Within the frameworks of his international activities, Sharik Tara appears as a founder and member of several forums, economic associations and institutions:

  • Founder of the Economic Summit for South-Eastern Europe, the first meeting of which was held in Skopje, in March 2005, under the auspicies of the President of the Republic of Macedonia Mr. Branko Crvenkovski; 
  • Founder of the Turkish-Greek and Turkish–Japanese business council;  
  • Member of the Board for Foreign Economic Relations of Turkey; 
  • Member of the World Economic Forum in Geneva; 
  • Acting as an executive member of the Board of the Institute for European issues in Disseldorf; 
  • Member of the Board of Creditors of the European association of Turkish academicians; 
  • Member of the Board of Councellors at the East West institute, NewYork, Pro-Baltic Forum from Germany.

For his activities and for the achieved results, he won the following prestigious awards and titles, both at home and within international frameworks:

  • Honorary Doctor at the Technical University in Istanbul, on 10th May 1984;
  • Honorary Doctor at the Moscow Medical Academy, on 17th November 1993;
  • Honorary Doctor in the Gabze Institute for high tehnology and in the Senate of the Faculty for Management Administration and Organization, on 29th January 2003;
  • Gold medal for being in service of the Republic of Poland, on 27th March 1985;
  • Gold and Silver star from the Japanese Emperor (which means entering the Order of the Holy wealth), on 29th April 1991;
  • Medal for Special Merits from the President of the Republic of Turkey, on 27th October 1997.

While developing his professional dignity and working and enhancing his image both in his home country and at international level, Sharik Tara under no conditions forgets his Macedonian origin and the first years of his childhood spent in his native town.  Within the frameworks of the numerous international contacts and meetings that he has had and by making use of his position and authority, he has been lobbying for Macedonia and thus he has been creating a positive public opinion about his native town and as he says “his first state”, especially in the days when Macedonia stepped forward to becoming an independent country.

Having the wish to help Macedonia, Tara makes arrangements that a lot of of official delegations from the Republic of Turkey visit the Republic of Macedonia, and he also appears as a regular host of our delegations that visit Turkey.
Being proud of the fact that Skopje and Istanbul are twin cities (Istanbul and Skopje twinned in 2003), he arranges visits and makes contacts through which he constantly tries to establish a solid collaboration regarding the spheres of economics, culture and education, which would result further into strengthening the already established good and friendly relationships between the citizens of the two cities, Skopje and Istanbul, and between the nations of the two friendly countries, the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia.


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